ATC’s Playback Café presents Forum Theatre

A dynamic, engaging and theatrical way to get your group thinking, talking and acting out solutions to their very real and pressing challenges. 
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Savidge, Wolfe to lead Healthy Living Initiative

The Healthy Living Initiative is five theatrical programs, all of them interactive, which target issues central to health and wellbeing.
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Stepping up, stepping out

Regain control of your life and overcome the effects of trauma through the expressive arts. This ongoing program is facilitated by drama therapist Dr. Dale Savidge and Triune Mercy Center Restoration Advocate Beth Messick. For more information or to register, please email Dale Savidge.

Theatre for at-risk youth

Since our founding in 2011 we have worked in programs for adolescents in foster care, juvenile detention and residential drug rehabilitation.
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Drawing In, Acting Out group begins January 12, 2021

Fighting the other pandemic: confronting the plague of teenage suicides.

Led by drama therapist Dale Savidge and art therapist Courtney Chandler, Drawing In, Acting Out is an online drama and art group for teenagers who have been impacted by suicide and want to use the arts to help other teens in crisis.


A 6-week loss/grief workshop

Giving expression to a traumatic experience is hard, but it’s also essential to our ongoing psychological health.  The loss of someone close to us can have profound effects: anxiety, fear, depression, isolation and difficulty carrying on with the normal activities of life. If you’ve suffered a loss that’s intruding on your ability to function normally, or if you want to process your loss and find meaning in the experience, this group is designed for you.


Zoom into the Arts

Generously sponsored by the Barbara Stone Foundation, Zoom into the Arts is a free online expressive arts group for adults with disabilities featuring drama, art and music. Led by Dale Savidge, Courtney Chandler and Doug Berky and featuring the musical group Songs of the Folk, Zoom into the Arts meets twice a month on Friday mornings 10-11 a.m. That’s 12 sessions!

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