• A 6-week loss/grief workshop

    ATC’s “Finding Meaning” group utilizes expressive arts therapies to explore memories of our lost loved ones through narrative, storytelling, art and drama.

    Download the flyer (link below) for details of schedule, fees and format.

    Giving expression to a traumatic experience is hard, but it’s also essential to our ongoing psychological health.  The loss of someone close to us can have profound effects: anxiety, fear, depression, isolation and difficulty carrying on with the normal activities of life. If you’ve suffered a loss that’s intruding on your ability to function normally, or if you want to process your loss and find meaning in the experience, this group is designed for you.

    • The Finding Meaning group uses expressive arts therapies to explore memories of lost loved ones. Through narrative, storytelling, art and drama we share those memories first with ourselves, then with other group members, and finally with families and friends.
    • In addition to the group therapeutic process, individual counselors are available to members of the group.
    • We keep the group small, between 6 and 15 members. Participants are asked to attend all meetings. No one is discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, creed, nationality or sexual orientation.
    • If you have a financial need let us know; we will do our best to make this group available to everyone.