Theatre for senior adults: Senior adults are a rich resource for any community. Applied theatre programs are designed to enrich their lives in community, with each other and with the community at large. Theatre is a proven method for stimulating brain health among seniors. These programs encourage creative expression, spontaneity, collaboration and a healthy dose of fun!

Living Memories! is a 10 week program that uses theatre activities to stir up memories and provide new experiences, which are then shared with the group.

Playback Café is an interactive story – telling and story – sharing theatre experience appropriate for dinner entertainment or other gatherings. Playback Cafe can be a performance or a workshop. (Visit our Playback Café page for more information)

Improv Alive! uses improvisational acting classes to encourage spontaneity, positive emotions and lots of laughter.

Ready or Not: Stories about Aging is a scripted program of issues pertinent to seniors for senior adult actors to explore and to perform for senior adult groups.