A dynamic, engaging and theatrical way to get your group thinking, talking and acting out solutions to their very real and pressing challenges.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select from the list below the play that best represents issues facing your community or organization.
  • Schedule an interactive performance with the actors of the Playback Café.
  • Continue the dialogue after the show!

During each Forum presentation, the Playback actors perform 3 to 5 short scenes about characters struggling with issues in their lives or in their communities. Then the audience is invited to participate by offering opinions, perspectives and solutions!

  • Plays and topics

    • A Will to Survive
      Will, a homeless man struggling to get his life together and reunite with his family, fights one challenge after another in his quest to survive on the mean streets of Greenville.
    • A Will to Thrive
      Another play about Will. He’s turned some corners but is still struggling to overcome the mistakes of his past.
    • Oh Snap: Perceptions of Poverty
      Jennifer, a single mom on food stamps (SNAP) meets Ty, a successful businessman, in a grocery store line. Opinions are heated until we step back in time to learn more about these two people.
    • Nora’s House
      Nora, a wife and mother, struggles to find her identity while married to an emotionally abusive husband.
    • Custom forum plays
      We create an interactive forum play on a topic relevant to the people in your organization or community!
    • Choose peace – not conflict
      A series of three scenes which present conflict through gender, age and racial discrimination. The characters meet in a university classroom, a real estate office, and outside a McDonalds where a young black man is confronted by a police officer.

    Download program information in PDF file format.