Playback Café: It’s all about you

The Playback Café uses Playback Theatre to engage audiences by sharing stories with them. The actors in the Cafe listen to a story from the audience and “play it back.” During the performance, which normally lasts about an hour, the audience warms up to the actors and shares their stories: sometimes short, sometimes long but always true from their own lives.

Once a month on a Sunday night, homeless citizens of Greenville, SC attend a gathering led by the Playback Café at Triune Mercy Center. They sing together before diving into stories of their lives on the margins of society. The stories can be funny, harrowing, sad, or uplifting—but they are always unique. For more information on these monthly performances, or to book a Playback Cafe performance for your organization, contact

We would love to perform the stories of your group, for your group! Download the Playback Café overview here. (PDF)